I’m in the second hostel now (long story about meaning to go to Santorini, then not being able to book a proper ferry, which I kind of regret now, since Athens is rather boring and citylike, but hey. This tour will be my city tour, and the next one can be all the fancy places. Someday.) and I have a paper bag of cherries.


Because I paused to take a picture of a guy’s giant cart of cherries, which I’m sure I’ll edit and paste in here as soon as I can. Just took a picture, and then he waved me over and made me take a picture of him and his buddy, and then gave me a bag of cherries.

Which I tried paying for but he wouldn’t let me.

Lol it’s always at fruit stands, remember that guy who bought me half a watermelon in Beijing? Of course you don’t, I didn’t have this blog then. But I was in Beijing talking to some guy at the fruit stand and after I got all the stuff I wanted and went to pay, he’s like, no, let me, and then paid and walked off in the opposite direction and smiled back at me.


What is it with the fruit, man?

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