Weather Shouldn’t Always Be Just The Taboo Small Talk Topic

It should be no surprise that I’m a big fan of that whole raining thing. It’s nice, it’s fresh, and it smells good. But it’s been raining nonstop – not just raining, really – it’s been pouring, bucketing, if you will, for the past few days. With the exception of yesterday afternoon, which was nice as I went all the way to the Vatican yesterday.

Came back afterwards to drop off some stuff – for some reason my bag had gotten inexplicably heavy, although I didn’t buy anything…and when I headed out again to the Colosseum it had started drizzling.

And then raining.

And then pouring.

And then thunderstorming.

But I carried on, thinking that it would be over soon, that the skies would clear up and that I could finish out the rest of my walk (did you know that the Metro system in Rome is built so that it completely skips over the entire ancient city? The whole part next to the Colosseum, with just one stop at the Colosseum. That makes no sense, I know, but I’ll upload pictures later.

Point is, in order to get to the Pantheon you have to walk from the Colosseum. And it’s a pretty far walk, especially in the pouring, thunderstorming rain. I made it to the Tiber river, actually, lol, but realized that I had completely bypassed the Piazza Navona, which was one of my stops, and couldn’t find the Pantheon.

Oh, speaking of which, the thing about Italy is that in order to get from monument to monument, you have to walk  down what would in any other city be tiny back alleyways, little shadowed things that should be conjuring images of Knockturn alley or something like that. But they’re not, and they’re the only way you get from place to place.

The first night I went out I had gone to the Spanish Steps, and tried making my way to the Trevi Fountain…except in order to do so I turned down this completely deserted, silent back road, the whole time thinking to myself, this can’t be right, this can’t be right…

But it was, and the second you step out of that road there’s another cloud of buzzing tourists everywhere.

It’s really weird.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with the title of this post.

It’s raining again. Check out time was 33 minutes ago, but I still can’t bring myself to step out of the hostel. I brought two pairs of jeans with me, one is completely soaked (and a little gelato-ed) from last night, and I’m wearing my only pair of dry pants, and I’m a bit unwilling to get them wet.

Which is a stupid reason, but if you could just see how badly it’s pouring outside…

No more Colosseum today, I suppose. Unfortunate.

I’ll just go to Florence then.

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