I’ll Miss This Place

I’ve been away from London for about a week now and I can honestly say that distance truly makes the heart grow fonder, or at least that’s the way it is with cities.

I went in to the city a couple days before leaving to run some errands and pick up some things to bring home, and just knowing that it’d be the last time for a while that I ride the subway or walk on Piccadilly was enough to make me prematurely nostalgic.

People get sick of hearing me say I love places. I love all places. Although sometimes when I’m there I don’t appreciate it as much as I should (really something that I have to work on, by the way. One of my very many character flaws), I always do turn around and appreciate it for what it was and what I had afterwards.

It’s been good getting to see other cities after being in London for a while, and then returning back to London. The past week in Greece and Italy has been great for broadening my horizons just that fraction of an inch more, but also for appreciating what I’m comfortable in.

London’s not a beautiful historical city like Rome or Athens, but it has its very quirky charm, which is why I suspect so many people enjoy it.

It has its own brand of culture and history that just isn’t anything like Greek or Roman history or Renaissance architecture or anything I’ve seen in the past few days.

It’s a more highbrow (though not necessarily better, mind you) kind of environment, where people value being polite and slightly more aloof more than being friendly and welcoming. Again, not passing judgement on either, though I do say that I’m more comfortable with the Brits’ way of doing things.

And though I wouldn’t call it a “beautiful” city, it’s a very charming one and one that is very likable for its different personalities and possibilities.

So I mean, when you say that I love too many places, I’ll take it and be happy and flattered, because I do love too many places. There’s just a lot to love about each one, and not enough to be indifferent about.

I think each city has its quirks and its highlights, but there’s always the seedy underbelly of anywhere you go and anyone you meet, and that’s okay too, because you can’t taste sweet without the bitter, right? That’s what makes everything so interesting.

I’m just glad that for a couple days at least, I’ll be back in the standoffishly welcoming arms of London once again, where I know what to expect and where to go, where nothing is as much of a surprise as a laugh, where places like Primark exist to make my life better.

Oh London, as much as I’ve tried not to, I will miss you indeed.

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