In The Time I’ve Spent Travelling In Europe…

I’ve developed a theory.

I hypothesize that of company and sights, a person can only enjoy one of the two.

Possibly self explanatory, but let me try to clear that up for you and develop it a bit more. My professors would be proud.

I see a lot of couples travelling together.

(Side note, did you guys know that “travelling” has two L’s? It just doesn’t look right! But the red line under my version of “traveling” looks worse, so.)

(Double side note: I just looked it up. “Traveling” is American English, “travelling” is British. Duuh. That makes me feel loads better. And yes, I did say “loads” before I came to England, so get off my back about it.)

Some of these couples look to be honeymooners, and some are obviously seasoned marrieds that know their spouse inside and out. Some look like they’re madly in love (not always the assumed honeymooners) and some look like they can’t wait to get out (not always not the honeymooners).

But I also see a lot of single travellers/backpackers, what have you, like..well, like me. Just going at it alone, with nothing more than a travel book (or in my case, a NetBook) to guide us along the way.

And you know, I think you can enjoy only one thing at a time.

If those couples are enjoying each other as much as they do, they can’t enjoy the actual city. When the look back on their trip, they won’t remember the sites, they’ll only remember the other person. Which, in the case of a honeymoon, is just fine, as that’s probably the point of the whole trip, but in other cases may not be.

And when I see lone backpackers, I don’t get the vibe that they’re wishing desperately for someone to join their journey, they’re happy just to wander about and soak in what the city has. Which is their prerogative.

Before you ask, I haven’t decided what I want more.

I just sat here for a few minutes trying to figure out how I want to close out this post, but I have no idea. I don’t think I was trying to make any sort of point or anything, or persuade you to think like me..

It was purely observation.

The sights or your company – choose one, and only one, because you can’t, you just simply cannot have both.

Or so goes my theory.

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