What’s Your Favorite Spot In The World?

Being by yourself for an extended period time offers you a long time to think about things. Nothing in particular, but sometimes just walking down the street a thought comes to you.

And a couple of days ago I was pondering just exactly what my favorite spot in the world was.

Spot, not city, not place, not anything like that, but spot. A square meter of space.

I went through the assumed ones first.

My room? I thought I’d say yes to this, as I had been missing reliability, but nah, not really.

A city I’d been to recently? I mean, they were all nice, but nothing that would make me stop and decide that this spot, this meter of space, was my favorite square meter of space I’ve been to in the whole world.

Someplace I’d spent time with friends? One particular friend? Someplace I’d spent a lot of times? On the bench of the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble?

My high school courtyard?

None of them really stood out to my as my favorite square meter of space, though.

And then I thought of it.

Shanghai, of course. My favorite city, by far, even despite all the time I’ve spent in different ones in the past seven months. I know people who travel and come home saying that their favorite city is just the one they spent the last week in, and while I can see that happening to those people, I just can’t imagine adopting a favorite so quickly.

Shanghai is still my favorite, and I imagine will be for a long time. It’s the perfect balance between being different enough from home so I don’t feel like I’m just existing through the year, but also not foreign enough so that it’s uncomfortable. It is, in the most lovey-dovey sense of the phrases, “home away from home”, “my second home”, any of that nonsense.

So it had to be in Shanghai. Where in Shanghai, though?

The tourist places, where you see the classic skyline? Oh hell no, it’s way too..touristy there.

My family’s house? The bathroom window where you can see out into the street? (This did end up coming a close second.) But no.

Huai Hai Lu? I do love it, but not particularly.

My favorite spot in the whole wide world, as of right now, is a nearly always empty ferry port on the side of the Bund. I had gone there a couple years back with a close family friend and his entire family to ride a ferry across the river, but that’s not why I love it. I had gone there many times with Alex when we were spending the summer in Shanghai. It’s not somewhere that we were looking for, it just kind of makes itself available to you. I remember sitting there at the perfect time, when the sun was going down and the day was just starting to cool off, and at seven o’clock on the dot all the lights across the river came on.

And although the other side of the Bund isn’t as pretty as the touristy side, it’s a lot less congested and still just as nice. And it’s quiet. And no one ever comes to bother you.

Although I suspect that Alex’s company has something to do with it being my favorite place, I don’t imagine that I would like it that much less had he not joined me. Or maybe I would’ve, I don’t know.

I can’t even find a picture of it, it’s that obscure, but I guess that just reinforces why I love it so much.

So what’s your favorite spot in the whole world?

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