Blog Slump

To be honest, guys, I don’t even want to do this anymore, lol – being home for these past few weeks makes it seem like Europe never even happened. It doesn’t even feel like a dream, like most people would say – it just feels like never happened. I remember things happening, but it honestly just seems like I watched it from someone else’s life, or maybe from a movie. Maybe imagined in my head from a book somewhere. I don’t even know. Writing about it now (yes, yes, my fault for not doing it sooner) just seems like I’m narrating someone else’s life and experiences from a completely uninterested third party point of view.


And there’s just so much material to go through – six cities! – that it’s just this great big looming assignment ahead of me.

Guess I just need something else to procrastinate on before I’ll start actually doing this, lol.

And yes I realize I’m complaining about a Eurotrip. Apologies.

I’ll get around to finishing, promise.

If not to anyone who cares, then to myself. This was the point of the whole blog, right? No sense stopping right before its supposed to get good.



Just realized that this blog is still on UK time.

Heh, it’s 5:35 AM right now. The sun is rising. Craziness. I was never even there.

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