Before & Afters

In May:

It’s kind of strange looking at something you’ve grown so accustomed to and remembering that just five months ago, it was bare and empty and so completely new.

I had taken the after pictures more than a month ago, right before my last final, and right before I left to go Euro-tripping. I had known that I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to really settle down, clean my room, and sit in it as I had been for the past six months.

Everything looks pretty much the same, obviously, since I never changed the furniture or anything, but also really different. More lived-in. More familiar.

The bedthings are the same, but a few minor differences: I had started using a small towel to sleep on, my photo editing hand didn’t range quite as warm, and the shelf was better suited to my usage. A lot more full too…

A lot more stuff on the board, including my very Justina-esque “Do Your Work, Don’t Be Stupid” motivational …poster. My birthday had passed, and along with it came three birthday cards from the family. Things had happened, people had come in and out, some had stayed and some had left, and as weird as it sounds, it’s been reflected on this silly little board. Oh, and a feather.

It’s July now, and I’ve been in Parsippany for just under a month. Looking at these pictures feels like I’m looking at something from a different lifetime, one that I didn’t live myself but watched someone else live.

I left the room looking not quite like this, but a little more lived in, since Allen still had a night there. For some reason, that made me really sad, to know that I wasn’t the last person to live in my six month little haven.

The funny thing is, I wore the same outfit on the flight home as I did on the flight there, without even noticing it. I would have picture evidence but my phone completely wiped itself a couple days after I touched down in the States for apparently no reason at all.

When I look back on January pictures, it still seems like I just arrived and have no idea why the cabinets are so deep, no idea that the curtains are so see through, no idea what I was going to use that board for since I had no pins.

The second picture just feels like home.

I managed to acquire a lot more stuff than I intended to, lol..

Every space needs a system. I didn’t develop my tech drawer system until mid January, and that’s how it stayed until May.


I  knew I would, but I miss it.

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