Room Tour


I mean, I know it’s only May and that I have another three weeks to go before I leave, but this is probably one of the last few days I’m actually going to be living in this room…instead of just using it for a touch-base between travels.

So, in the renewed interest of procrastination (I know you are all pros at it too, don’t lie) I present to you. My room, after five months of living in it.

Okay maybe my bed isn’t made like that for the entire time I’m up, but I try!! I try to make it every day! Not that well, maybe, but still made. It’s harder to make it with the blankets on the side (heh, dressing on the side) than on top of the sheets, because then the sheets have to be all flat and perfect and everything…I’m not obsessive.

Five months of class notes, handouts, printouts…all gone to waste because I, to this day, have no idea what I’m doing in any of my classes.

And the remnants of my dinner. :)

Bracelets and nail polish, self explanatory. I felt that London was a safe place for me to do weird things with my appearance, like wear yellow nail polish and makeup, and not be judged based on my “reputation” for it. Sue me.

You know, I only bought 20 bottles of water once, and it lasted me the whole time. I don’t think I drink enough water.

So many books…and dried birthday flowers that I couldn’t bring back :(

Heehee, I’m a girl.

It’s July when I’m writing this, and you have no idea how happy I am that I took pictures of everything. Even though it seemed silly at the time. I miss this. The sink was soo tiny lool!~

Aw, my cherry bag. I didn’t bring it home with me :(

More books…why did I have so many books for just a semester…

My Glossybox ribbons! Tied around my lamp at home now.

Somewhat neat stack of clothes. Sigh.

So much time spent in this very chair.

And now I’m spending time in chairs an ocean away. Sigh. I’ve only been home less than a month but I’m restless already. I think I have a problem.

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