The Board

I abused this bulletin board quite badly during my stay in London…

The local gym schedule, written around my class blocks.

My birthday letters, posted so I didn’t make holes in the paper.

My daily notepad that I didn’t quite get around to using, lool…

Price list for classes, a feather I found on my way to class, the little separator that came with my box of Fortnum and Mason candies.

A request from my aunt and uncle to buy my cousins 1D t-shirts…I never found them…

….it somewhat worked. Somewhat.

The guy I met at five o’clock in the morning at Heathrow going to Barcelona, who was ¬†going to France from Nigeria.

Stego, Cookie Monster, my bracelet and necklace/ring.

Heng’s store in Brussels!

I fully intended to do an on-foot antique bookshop tour…but I ran out of time :(

Note that came with the flowers.

Oh, that’s it?

No, it’s not – I left out most of the personal stuff. Right.

Note to future self: “Guuuurlll” was from Magar. -_-

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