The Chronicles of Athens, Part V – The Cherry Guys

There was this cherry cart.

The cherry cart was manned by two Greek men.

I took a picture of the cherry cart.

The two Greek men motioned for me to take a picture of them as well.

So I did.

And then the cherry cart owner guy gave me cherries as a present.

I protested, but he insisted.

And then I went on my way.

Two blocks later, the other cherry cart guy appears next to me.

And asks me where I’m going.

I tell him, vaguely, and then try to lose him, because it’s Greece and I’m not feeling too hot and it just feels creepy. Plus he’s old.

Some Greek lady sees this happening and asks me where I’m going so I don’t have to walk with the old cherry guy.

So I do.

And she finds the hostel fo rme.

And then the cherry guy goes away.

The End.

Epilogue: I ate my cherries.

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