The Chronicles of Rome, Part I: Termini

They say that Rome can’t be “done” in just one trip. There’s just too much to see. So in order to keep your head on and not freak out running around trying to see everything, one has got to pick and choose what’s important and what’s…well, what can wait till the next time you go, of course. But the one place that everyone sees, no matter where they end up, or what they decide to skip for this time around, the hub of all Roman activity (at least in 2012), is Termini.

(Not my picture, btw.)

Whereas other cities have different train stations and platforms and so on and so forth (or maybe they just don’t advertise theirs quite as well as Rome does), Rome just has one great big epicenter, with webs stretching out to reach pretty much any corner of they city you’d like to be.


It’s a pretty amazing station, really – kind of huge, kind of crazy. There’s always way too many people in one square foot of space, but it works, somehow. Don’t ask me how.

And the other thing that (thankfully) Roma Termini has no shortage of is shops. Lots of shops. Lots and lots of shops. of all different sorts. It makes waiting around for a train that much more interesting.

I mean, when you have a Happiness Station, what else more could you ask for in life?

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