The Chronicles of Rome, Part IV – A Half of Rome (Part II, i.e., The Second Quarter of Rome)

You know, every time I went on a trip the past semester I would wait until getting back to blog about it. And every time I would remember that I hated doing so, and swear, swear that I’d blog while I was there the next time. But as you can see, I didn’t, and again, I’m swearing that I will the next time I go on a trip somewhere, which isn’t going to be for a while, is it?

I think there was a memorial service or a funeral going on for some girl here, but there were also a bunch of tourists looking in and taking pictures. Rude.

Or maybe it wasn’t a memorial service/funeral.

I don’t know what this is.

Thanks, Romans. Also – fabulous placement, it was directly plastered onto the wall of a church. Granted, there was a pharmacy next door, but still. Awkkkward.

Heh. I saw these everywhere. I think they were taunting me.

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