The Chronicles of Rome, Part V – The Trevi Fountain

I really need to stop editing so red. Meh. Why is everything so pinK? Bad lighting, of course, but I’m sure that can be neutralized, no? No idea.

Anyway. The Trevi Fountain was one of the main sights in Rome that I knew I needed to hit…again because of the Lizzie McGuire Movie. Don’t judge, please. Everything just looked so…pretty, even though they portrayed it pretty perfectly with all the tourists and pushing and everything. Luckily for them, though, they went during the day and not at night.

I hadn’t really decided to go to the Trevi fountain, by any means. I had gotten into the habit of never really figuring out where I’m headed that first day in a a new city. It was generally just wandering around with a camera and a map. Hostels usually gave out adequate ones, but in some cases (Zebra Hostel in Milan, cough), the maps totally sucked and you’d have to buy or ask for a different one.

In any case, I found myself just a couple streets away from the Trevi Fountain at 10PM in Rome while it was drizzling and I was sick, but it was the Trevi Fountain, for goodness sake, so I tried to find my way to it – again, the thing about European monuments is that they never really seem to put much emphasis or importance on them, and certainly a lot less than the tourists do. I actually literally had to walk down a dark deserted alleyway to get to the fountain, but the end of the alley opened up directly into the fountain square. It was really weird.

And of course I got gelato, because you just have to get gelato when you’re at the Trevi Fountain.

Of all the other disappointments of the Europe trip, this fountain was not one of them.

They even had Rage Comic T-shirts…

And I’m a creep.

But you knew that.

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