The Chronicles of Rome, Part VII – The People of The Vatican

Note: Did WordPress update its editing shortcuts? It’s nice being able to chance the dimension of my pictures with just a click and drag function, but why is it so hard to space things around it now? At least WordPress doesn’t get all in a huff about it as an entire community a la Tumblr, but of course not.

I don’t recall what I said about the Vatican a couple days ago, just that I didn’t actually decide that I would be going there until I was already at the doorstep of the Pope. Figuratively.

Before I go on, I just want to say – the Roman subways are absurd.

The two major lines (and I’m pretty sure the only ones that matter) are below in red and blue. No, not that big thick blue line, that’s the river – the other blue line. It doesn’t look terrible…It’ll at least take you somewhere close to where you need to be…not really. There’s a stop by the Spanish Steps, and another one by the Colosseum, and though it seems like a short distance to walk from end to end, Rome is surprisingly big for such a small little city.

Oh, and the Vatican is all the way to the end of the red line. Otherwise, the subways pretty much just skip over the rest of Rome! I don’t understand how people get around. There were a lot of Vespas, sure, but did tourists just not go see the Jewish ghetto? It’s not being politically incorrect, don’t worry – it’s an actual place with that actual name, see?

Anyway, back to the Vatican. I had hopped on the red line (the only thing on the blue was the Colosseo) again at Termini but wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to be that early in the morning. But seriously, if you go to Rome, schedule a full day for the Vatican – that place is huge.

Not huge in that it’s geographically large, but there’s just so much to see.

Like these…religious people in backpacks.

I know it’s stereotypical to think that this is funny, but it is! Not funny, ha-ha-funny, just…I generally don’t expect to see nuns (yes that one on the right is a lady) with backpacks. Heh. Did I just flaunt my close mindedness?

Actually, this probably should’ve gone up there with my subway rant, but now I’m down here and I’m too lazy to use my touchpad to move things around.

This little old lady walked around on the subway asking for money. Actually, you can’t see the little old lady. See that guy with the blue sleeve? He’s looking down at something, something (or someone) wearing a black sweatshirt with a white turban and a white-ish backpack. That’s the little old lady. So as I was saying – this little old lady walked around asking for money.

Not so exciting.

Now, what if I told you she walked around with one of those children’s farm toys, the ones that would moo when you press the cow and cluck when you press the chicken?

A little weirder, right?

Now what if I told you that she walked around asking for money, whilst playing random farm animal sounds, and spanking every male on the subway when he refused to give her change?

Now, what if I told you that she did all of that…twice.

I wish I got video footage, but I was honestly just way too stunned to do anything. Everyone was.

Seeing these Asian dudes with the plastic pants made me really miss Shanghai. ;)

This little girl was adorable. I’m not entirely sure what she’s doing here, but it looks like she’s enjoying herself and what more could you ask of from a little girl, right? You’d think.

My usual place setting at any lunch/dinner in Italy – a giant pizza (yes, that’s one portion…it was really thin, though, so I usually managed about half to three quarters), my Kindle/travel book on the left, and a map on the right. Meal time is homework time.

10 years ago, I went to France with parents and had this little jewel of a snack – Nutella, cracker sticks, and half a thing of juice. It was so amazing, in fact, that I kept the foil lid for more than five years afterwards (and I think I may still have it somewhere, actually). So of course when I saw it in Rome I just had to get it.

I sat on a pillar outside the St. Peter’s Basilica and had Nutella sticks.

It was amazing.

The classic Vatican post – and no, I did not send anything.

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