The Chronicles of Rome, Part VIII – St. Peter’s

I suppose this is going to be a problem throughout all the rest of my posts, but the thing with taking pictures of big famous monuments is that your pictures will never be as good as the postcard ones or the Pinterest ones (heh, found a new summer obsession, don’t judge please. It’s like a female version of Reddit. I still like Reddit better, but Pinterest is pretty nice too) or the textbook ones or basically any published picture. And while that’s disappointing and expected, we all still stand there and attempt to do the impossible. So rather than bore you with a long history of St. Peter’s Basilica (which, let’s face it, I wouldn’t really know either) or try to have something to say about each of the pictures in this spam, let’s just get it over with, yeah?

St. Peter’s Basilica, everybody.

The line was really long. My guidebooks said to expect about a three hour wait, which was terrifying, but still…it had to be done. Lucky for us, the line was really only about half an hour long.

Hehe, these guys.

I’d like to say that I was completely blown away by the inside of the Basilica, like most people (say they) are, but other than thinking that it was really big, really shiny, and really old, I didn’t know enough about it to be blown away by it. Regardless, it was still beautiful and all that.

I didn’t mean to make that sound as…standoffish as it probably did – I just simply don’t have the mental capacity to be properly impressed by this stuff. It was pretty cool, though.

This was the prayer room, where people could go to actually…well, pray.

These are the times that I wish I was brought up religious – it just seems nice to have some faith in something.

Parsippany isn’t this nice.

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