The Chronicles of Florence, Part I – The Best Hostel Ever

Florence was kind enough to give me the best hostel room I’d ever stayed in, at least by that point. It was called Florence Plus, and I highly recommend going to any of the “(City) Plus) locations around the world – no I don’t get money for this. Although, lol, if you left your blog address at the front desk, I’m pretty sure they put it up somewhere for other people to look at. But not my thing. You and me, Internet, we’re exclusive.

Florence Plus was amazing. I think it had five floors or something, but I was on the second – the Girl’s Floor. Something funny about that, but I’ll get to it a bit later.

There was a full functioning laundry room in the basement, of college proportions. True, it was wildly expensive and not worth 8 Euro just to wash and dry, plus another 2 to pay for materials, but I was desperate, and it was right there.

I certainly wasn’t the first to check in, as the other beds were occupied, but I did see this:

Just an XL bed, chilling there,not claimed or anything, just. Empty. With fresh clean sheets and a fresh clean blanket. As well as towels.

The thing about towels – if I brought my four pound towel that I bought back in January, it would’ve taken up half the space in my teeny tiny suitcase you see on the floor right there, and that just wasn’t worth it to me. And besides, I hate showering and then having to deal with a wet towel. To which you might say that I might just shower in the evening and not have to deal with wet towels in the morning, but I say that I like my options open. I don’t like being told what to do, even by default, even by a towel.

Rant over.


Most places rent towels (Heh, Zebra Hostel only sold them for four euro each, those assholes) but FPlus actually included them. :D As well as the little package of amenities on my pillow, isn’t that amazing? I’m not sure what the boys got, lol, but I’m glad we got these. Not that I used it, of course – I just packed it back up and left it on the bed when I left, but still. It was nice to have the option.

See? Options!

Oh right – I even went back downstairs to check that we didn’t have to pay extra for the big bed or anything – he just kind of looked at me funny and told me to take it if it was really empty. Yes sir!

Also. This was my favorite part of the room.

A personal light?

And an outlet?

Seriously, you don’t get to appreciate the little things until you have to go traveling and there’s only one outlet and one overhead light in the whole room, and six different people with six different schedules. Not a fan. Also, the light switch controlled both the personal light and the overhead. I think we sat there and played with just the light switch for ten minutes or something.

Oh, before I forget – our room was really…interesting. There were two girls from Texas, about 24/26, and one I believe was an Art History major? Or an Arts major? Or something to do with art…or history…oh god I should’ve written this when i was there. Heh. Her name was Brittany, and she had just gotten engaged to her boyfriend of a month or two, I believe, and they were wildly happy. She had absolutely no financial security, as she wasn’t working as anything but a cafe waitress at the time, but she was happy, and she got along with her mom, who raised her alone after the parents got divorced.

If I remember correctly.

And the other girl…guhh she was teaching music, but she wanted to do something else…I don’t remember her name, rawr.

It was really nice having some people to talk to, even just sit next to for a while.

The other girl (whom we didn’t speak as much to) was Korean, who was traveling on her own for eighty days, with a giant – and I repeat – GIANT suitcase. Which I suppose is somewhat understandable, since…it’s 80 days…I guess…but it was so heavy, oh my goodness.

She gave us all these beautiful bookmarks from Korea…I loved mine, but still, lol, why would you lug that around??

But thank you, nice Korean girl.

And the last person in our room was this fifty year old man who snored like…I don’t even know. A bulldozer. It was really awkward, lol, we were all sitting around talking in our summertime PJs and suddenly the key card activates and he walks in – and we’re all like…heh, hello, this is a girl’s room.

And he stands there and goes….no, but that’s my stuff over there – and points to one of the bunk beds, and lo and behold…there’s stuff. We just assumed it would belong to a twenty something girl, not an old man.

He was from Australia.

And he had a beer belly.

I stayed in FPlus for two nights, both with the American girls and the Korean, but lol I’m actually quite certain that he was drunk both of those nights.


So we’re like, “Sir, this is a girl’s floor – you see? It’s bright pink!”

And he kinda looks at us funny but relents and goes downstairs to check..

Ten minutes later, he’s back.

To stay.


But anyway, he wasn’t on my side of the room:

So I didn’t really care all that much, as long as he didn’t talk to me. That sounds mean, but he was really weird.

We stayed in the hostel to eat together one night – went down to the bar/cafeteria and each got a pizza. It was nice.

Oh, and there was a separate shower from the washroom…glorious! Absolutely glorious.

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