The Chronicles of Florence, Part II – Boar’s Meat.

I was feeling surprisingly adventurous in Florence one day.

So I had some Pappardelle al cinghiale.

Noodles with wild boar sauce.

As well as a “traditional Florentine appetizer”, a meat and cheese plate…with chicken liver. Well, chicken liver pâté, but adding the word “pâté” doesn’t make it any more appetizing in my book.

The appetizer was actually pretty delicious – and now that I’m in Morristown at 11:24 AM not having eaten lunch yet, I think that looks pretty amazing…and the chicken liver pâté wasn’t that terrible either. Not to be eaten in one big bite, but over the course of the whole meal, it wasn’t bad.


I asked the really nice waiter guy what I should get, since I had been having spaghetti carbonara a lot, and he said this.

It doesn’t look bad, and it didn’t taste bad, it just…wasn’t good. It was average pasta. With badly cooked pasta.

The guy next to me did end up having the carbonara, though, and I’ve never seen anyone be so masterful at eating with a fork and a knife. I can’t even explain it…he just…cut, scooped, ate. It was beautiful.




And I got these cookies at the supermarket.

Aren’t they cute? :D


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