The Chronicles of Rome, Part IX – The Hostel

The hostel in Rome was all sorts of pretty – and it certainly didn’t hurt that it was literally five minutes walk away from Termini. Although there was this one time when I was coming home a little late and took the wrong exit out of Termini..ended up on the complete opposite end of where I was supposed to go…but that’s alright. No matter.

I forgot to take a picture from the outside, but we did have a nice pretty metal gate on the inside.

Room was awesome, only three of us in a four person room so I got the bunk all to myself (I generally have to take top bunk, since unlike Marshall, I can’t stand being taller than the head space. Plus. More charging.)

A hostel with decorations? And a painted ceiling? Unheard of.

I did meet this girl from Australia – we’re Facebook friends but I forgot her name…possibly Genevieve? But she was traveling for seven months on her own with just a backpack of stuff. Seven months? Wow. She’d been sending things home a lot but still, seven months alone with a backpack sounds pretty intense.

The other girl was also traveling by herself, from Mexico. She was only doing a couple weeks though, like I was. She did however have two suitcases worth of stuff with her…how she traveled at all I have no idea.

She left at four o’clock in the morning one day to catch the plane back to Mexico. Felt like Athens to me, lol :P At least Termini was literally five minutes away.

Nice Italian sandwich for lunch on the way to Florence.

Like a true tourist, I asked if she could heat it up for me…I like cheese all stringy and stuff. She looked at me like I was crazy and flat out refused.


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