The Chronicles of Rome, Part XII – I Wish I Had More Time (And Better Weather) Here.

I suddenly remembered a story about that night. After a few weeks at home it just seems like nothing ever happened, especially when it was t the beginning of the whole experience and there was no one there to remember it for me, lol – but no matter.

I had intended to walk all the way to the Pantheon from the Colosseum that night. If you remember from my subway rant a few posts earlier in Chronicles of Rome, the Roman subways suck and kind of completely skip over one of the most monument-filled parts of the city, which happened to be where I wanted to .

Also, if you might remember, Roman roads are all twisty and tiny and I actually had to walk down an alley just to get to the Trevi Fountain – the Trevi Fountain!

So you can imagine that on my way back from the Colosseum, while still feeling a bit under the weather, I was hoping that the weather would cooperate with me for once and just let me get to see the Pantheon.

It didn’t.

As you can see, it started pouring. Pouring. 

So badly that my cheap little China umbrella (don’t dis it too badly now, it actually held up for the fall semester and following six months despite everything…and living in London, for that matter. Still have it in my closet at home, working just fine) flipped inside out more than once. So badly that my jeans were soaked up to the knee…for the fourth day running.

But I was determined, so I soldiered on…(and there were really no subways in sight.)

After a really long bit of walking, a lot more water, and a nearly deteriorated map, I got somewhere. But not where I intended to go.

Instead, I ended up by the Tiber. Which was nice, of course, since I hadn’t gotten to see it yet, and I think it was prettier at night anyway…

but it was still freezing, wet, and I couldn’t even tell which part of the Tiber I had ended up on.

Apparently a nice one, according to the few pictures I snapped that night, but it would’ve been nice to have a little more time.

Instead I ended up at the Castel Sant’ Aangelo. A few blocks past the Pantheon.

In retrospect, it probably didn’t suck that much that I hit a different monument on my search for the original plan, but still. When it’s dark and you’re in Rome alone, it gets frustrating when a simple thing as a Pantheon is so difficult to come by, you know?

But then I decided that my last destination of the night would not be an accident, that I would have to succeed in getting somewhere even if it took hours.

So I found the nearest subway station and decided in a fit of freezing cold and hunger that I was going to see Piazza Navona.

It’s harder than you think to find a giant Piazza, don’t you know? I stopped to ask for directions at one point, and oddness ensues. I stopped this little Indian (I don’t know if he was Indian, actually. Apologies) man and asked him for directions to Piazza Navona. So instead of telling me, he says, “Oh, I’m going there now, follow me”. Uh…I’d rather not, if you please. The city (or at least where I was) was completely deserted, and I didn’t really want to follow any little man down a bunch of alleyways, but there were no taxis (I know, it was kind of a creepy night) and no one else in sight, so what could I have done? Wander around again?

So I followed him.

With my hand on my little red alarm the entire time.

Not that I don’t trust people…just that I don’t trust people. As much as I used to.

But that’s okay.

He was really nice about everything, and actually warned me about himself, lol – told me to not ask strangers for directions when I could help it and certainly not to follow them. Ironic, no?

Piazza Navona was in the end, as I expected, underwhelming.

It was too cold to do anything except take a few pictures (and get a gelato, since I was in Rome, no?) and then call a cab and go back to the hostel, dripping wet.

I still haven’t decided whether or not it was worth all the trouble.

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