The The Chronicles of Florence, Part III – Markets and Pretty, Pretty Girls

One of the main tourist attractions of Florence is its extensive sprawl of markets.

Selling everything from cheap Chinese stuff to really beautiful Italian leather notebooks…which I wanted then and I still want now…but couldn’t bring myself to lug it around for another few days. Which in hindsight was stupid because I only had Milan left, but…next time, next time…

There honestly isn’t much else to this city besides small winding roads, markets, and the Duomo.

Which I suppose is romantic in and of itself, but there requires a certain kind of mood and a certain kind of company to really actually get the romanticism, I think.

I have a girlcrush (well,  I certainly have more than one girlcrush, but I have a major girlcrush here on the internet), and her name is Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook. She’s so pretty, and her “Mystery Man” takes the best pictures.

I bring her up because she recently went to Florence as well..but her pictures turned out far better than any of mine:

I mean, yes, she runs a fashion blog, but you can get the idea of what I’m talking about from her pictures far better. And gosh, isn’t she pretty?

:D You can understand the girlcrushery now, right?

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