Allen’s First Day in London

After all that running around in Greece and Italy, I can’t tell you how happy I was to be back in London. Perhaps it sounds a bit presumptuous of me to say that London felt more like home than anything had for a while, but it’s true, even though I hardly knew my way around it.

Unfortunately, I only had a night to recover from Eurotrip, Part A, because Allen got in at Heathrow Terminal 4 early – early – the next morning.

Sorry for making you wait, buddy…public transport that early in the morning does not go smoothly.

Since it was his first day in London, I found it my duty to show him around to the best of my abilities. Which of course involved hopping back on the train after dropping off his suitcase at my place, and heading out to Waterloo, where it seemed that he was due for a bit of a sit down coffee type thing.

One summer Starbucks drink, please – Iced grande vanilla latte. If that’s not the right order, you Starbucks baristas, bite me.

And apparently my name is Stina. Judith’s nickname from high school stuck after all!

And then, of course, it was off to the usual – London Eye (which I never did go on…it was just too expensive, you know? And besides. Isn’t the view of London better when you’re looking at the monument, instead of standing on it? Paris is far prettier on top of the Notre Dame than on top of the Eiffel, isn’t it?

Anyway, we hit London Eye, which of course means we hit Westminster, and the Houses of Parliament, and everything by there, and of course I had to take him to my favorite place in all of London – Piccadilly!

Which then of course included Trafalgar and the National Portrait Gallery and all that.

Now that I’m home and watching the Olympics in the comfort of my childhood bedroom, there isn’t anything I wish more than to have gone to more places while I was there. What was I doing all those weekends, sitting at home? That’s exactly what I was doing – sitting at home. When I should’ve been out, exploring things and taking more pictures – as if I could take any more pictures, right? But I should’ve, and it kills me that I missed so many things that were just a simple train ride away.

Next time, next time….

Instead of getting lunch at a severely overpriced Piccadilly restaurant, I found a food market in St. James, and we ate there instead – a couple burgers and cookies to top it off.

Delicious and cheap. My favorite.

I think that’s the most delicious burger I’d had in a while.

I miss London.

And the Olympics aren’t helping. :(

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