Fortnum and Mason’s, Again and Again

It’s funny how things can grow on you, don’t you think?

The first time I went to Fortnum’s was my first venture out into London on my own. It was actually snowing when I first stepped in, and I remember it being warm and inviting and everything the bitter cold streets of Piccadilly were not. But I seem to not have been very impressed by it, lol, as there’s exactly one picture and one line talking about Fortnums in my whole London day.

I got accepted to a summer program in Fortnum’s.

I didn’t go in the end, but I did get accepted amid all the tea kettles and teacups that I could never, ever afford.

There’s a bunch of restaurants scattered across F&M, but this, the Parlour, is the prettiest by far.

The first time I went to check out the Parlour, I looked at the menu and accidentally saw “Jubilee Tea, comes with two scones” for ₤18.

Available all day
A duo of scones – one plain, one fruit, served with Somerset clotted cream & strawberry preserve and a selection of seasonal mini ice cream cakes. Served with a pot of Jubilee Tea for one

18 pounds for tea? NO thank you.

But I came back, with Allen this time, and after sitting down, I realized that normal tea is really only ₤5.75, and that I was just being silly.

Look how pretty it is in here.

Jubilee Blend ~ blending teas from India, Ceylon and China, offers mellow sweetness and golden brightness- fit for a queen.

So pretty. I really have nothing else more to say except…isn’t it pretty??

Aside from that one spot in Shanghai that I told you about, I think Piccadilly is my favorite place.

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