Green Park In The Spring Is Actually Green


Last time I was around these parts, it was pitch black at five in the afternoon and no one would be caught dead outside walking for no reason at all.

So when I went with Allen to Victoria and Green Park and that area around there, I was shocked at how many people actually come out in London.

Compare five o’clock in January…


To five o’clock in May.

I honestly can’t decide which one I like better.

Obviously I do like the May weather better, but January has something for itself, don’t you think?

I dragged Allen along to Harrod’s with me afterwards (sorry, lol) because my mother had wanted to go there when she was in London.

There’s about thirty minutes of video footage of just Harrod’s stuff.

There’s a lot of Harrod’s stuff, and it all looks so rich you’re afraid to touch it.

Hopefully the videos for all these cities will be up soon…

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