The Chronicles of Florence, Part V – Overcast Pictures…Require Re-editing

Like I said before, Florence was a required tour guide spot for me, since there were no subways and the one thing you had to do in Florence required some wort of automobile to get to. But before we get there: I present to you…the River Arno. Doesn’t it look murky? Dingy? There’s a crane in the background, heh.

It’s not supposed to look this ghetto, though to be fair to myself it’s not a very pretty river, this river Arno.

This made me laugh when I found it in my camera, lol –

Right, so getting back to the one thing you have to do in Florence: the Piazalle Michelangelo. It’s the panoramic view of Florence, though…there isn’t much to see…

I really need to re-edit.

There’s a tiny little copper David in the middle of the square that I actually overheard someone ask whether was the real words.

It rained when we were up there. Again.

So…that explains the dirty lookin’ sky.

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