The Chronicles of Milan, Part II – I Just Want It Clean…

So I’m sure by now you are all familiar with my problem with my first  hostel in Milan, the Zebra Hostel. It was gross, it was sticky, there was no WiFi in the rooms, and the beds made me want to cry. And plus, I didn’t bring flip flops, and there was no way in hell that I was showering in those showers without them.

But other than the hostel itself, there were some pretty nice people.

Like this blonde guy, whose name I’ve already forgotten.

And this Asian guy, whom of course I remember, because I’m just like that. His name was Charles, and we talked for a while on that first day when we were both using the internet in the lobby. We went out for lunch/dinner/whatever afterwards, and he showed me Milan.

There isn’t much to see in Milan.

I remember he kept a journal, and would write in it every so often, and at one point we went to this castle and he plopped down and resumed a sketch he had of the castle. I wish I could do that, just keep a journal and record things? But it always ends up being too much, because too many things happen and I think too much and when I start writing I have to write it all, as this blog has proven.

So no, I don’t write in a journal. But it was really cool that he did.

So while he sketched, I took a lap around the castle and found all these kittens just chilling in what I assume would’ve been the moat.

And then some middle aged Italian guy asked me out for drinks.

“Is it possible that you would company me to a bar?”
“Heh, I don’t think so. Thanks though.”

On our way back, it started drizzling.

Not important, but it’s rain, and I like rain.

I couldn’t handle Zebra anymore so I found a different “hostel”, which was amazing. But the neighborhood it was in wasn’t the touristy kind of neighborhood Zebra was in, but a kind of ghetto backalley place. Creepy, but at least it was clean.

With an amazing bathroom, look at that!

And this guy, who worked for the place, but didn’t stay nights. I was the only one there for most of the time, and then a Korean family/group/whatever came in and took the second room. But it was nice.

I wanted a picture of the room and he was sitting on the couch, so to be nice I asked if he wanted to be in the picture, expecting that he’d say no and get out of my shot, but obviously, he stayed.


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