The Chronicles of Milan, Part V – Charles’ Cathedral.

So I didn’t feel like bringing my big camera with me while out with Charles. But I also didn’t really feel like retracing all my steps just to get pictures, so I have like. Forty pictures in my Milan folder. Apologies.

This, however, I did manage to come across again – the Piazza del Duomo.

These Italians really like their Duomos.

Reminds me of Domo kun.

The Piazza del Duomo is home to Milan’s Cathedral.

All I can tell you about this place is that Charles was in love with it. We hadn’t even rounded the corner yet when he started telling me about all the little bits and pieces of the cathedral, and how each piece was meticulously designed, how there’s not many cathedrals in the area that has this amount of craftsmanship.

I paid more attention to his attention than what he was saying.

If that makes sense.

It’s so nice when someone really loves something that much, don’t you think? It’s one thing to be passively interested, but to actually love it? I think it’s rather rare.

Just as we stepped onto the square, Charles leans over and goes, “If someone walks up to you, just ignore them and keep walking.”

Oh, did I mention he’s from Vancouver? He’s from Vancouver.

I think he was studying Economics. Or Finance. Or something similar.

But yeah, as soon as he finished the sentence, some guy walked up to me and tried tying a string on my wrist, which he would’ve then asked for money for.

Charles just laughs and we keep walking, lol.

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