The Chronicles of Venice, Part XVI – So Where’s, Like, VENICE?

Two years later, I’m not really sure why I grouped these pictures together anymore. The above picture was of breakfast at the “hotel”, early in the mornings. Way too early in the morning. I distinctly remember feeling cranky as I was eating this pretty bowl of pink. Special K, I believe – average Americanism all the way in Venice, too.

After we finally got to the B&B, set our stuff down, bought our train tickets, it was finally time to, you know, go to Venice. Because quite frankly, I knew that Venice was on water, and wherever we were staying…was not. Except I couldn’t decide of we were actually staying in like, Suburban Venice, or if it just plumb not Venice.


Evidently I didn’t think that including the pictures on the way  to Venice, even though my title says otherwise, wasn’t a good idea – I was really getting bored of this whole project by the time I’d finished it, huh? Goodness gracious, what a disappointment.


My first gelato in Venice. Certainly not the first in Italy, which is what I almost wanted to say, but first in Venice, with Allen. Pistachio. My first ever pistachio. It was good, I remember that much.

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