Back at Bentley, In A Class Designed to Make You Write A Blog.

It’s just like high school English class all over again.

I mean, I would’ve read To Kill A Mockingbird  on my own at some point, and enjoyed doing so, but now that you’re making me do it, I just simply don’t want to. I write in my spare time to begin with, but now that it’s required for a class, I’m actually certain that I’m going to dread doing it.

Thankfully we get to pick the subject, though, and I don’t have to be subjected to researching and analyzing anything that has anything to do with my major.

So for now, I’m writing tech news.

Like a boss.

I considered telling her that I had a blog already and please could I just skip this class and take an A? But that would probably come off as obnoxious. Not that I was really going to do that, really really, I just wanted to. You know.

I’m out of practice. Of writing. Aren’t I? Because apparently I’m still halfway between London and Venice right now and obviously that plane ride did not take a couple weeks and then some.

Blegh. I miss halfayearope, lol, it’s such an old friend :)

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