The Chronicles of Venice, Part I – The Hostel

Ooh, I’m a lazy little bugger, aren’t I? Whoops, didn’t mean to let four months pass before actually posting these…I remember when every day revolved around posting pictures of stuff from the day. Now my days revolve around…….classes. And sleep. And just trying to get some stuff done. Which I suppose is a better form to be in than having my days revolve around a blog…

It’s now been another few weeks since I’ve been on here, since I’ve written that sentence above. And instead of trying to “get some stuff done”, now I’m pretty much just enjoying college. Which isn’t a bad thing…yet. Everything’s looking up – it isn’t so awkward with friends anymore, an awkwardness culminated from a new school (yes I still sometimes consider Bentley a new school) and from leaving said school for an entire semester.

But it’s fun.

And everything seems to be looking up with my home friends as well.



On to the Venice hotel/bed&breakfast/whatever this amazing place was:


It was awful to find, if I remember correctly…we had to walk down just random roads and behind a gas station to get here, but it was worth it. OH, and we also had to wait almost an hour for a bus, then ride that bus to some questionable area while not knowing how to speak a lick of Italian. The locals here seemed to know a little less English than the ones in Florence or Milan, and definitely less than the locals in Rome. But no matter. Look how beautiful this is.

I so regret not taking a picture of the front gates, of the first thing one sees. It’s just so difficult to pull out a heavy camera and snap a picture when it’s been hours of travel and watching out for bus stops. I was glad just to have been able to find it at all.

It’s always like that for me – the first thing is to obviously find the place of residence, and when that happens, it’s a huge relief. After that is the rush to find the nearest train station and buy a ticket (or at least reserve one) to a train to get outta there. Allen thought I was crazy. I’m sure I drove him crazy.

Speaking of Allen, he’s not helping me write this now, but I’ll be including un-organized, un-chronicled posts from him as well, because I can’t remember a darn thing from any of these trips anymore.

It all starts blending together after a while. It’s like this never even happened.


This was our room. We had a different room before, with just this setup and nothing else. Awwwkard…






Until the lady was nice enough to let us have this room, which had a nice little cot/daybed in the corner there. Nicer than most other places, and so super clean.

Lol, now that I’m back at Bentley, I feel like my expectations were so, so low back then…





Oof, I don’t remember where the rest of my hostel pictures went, or if I even bothered to edit them and post them up. Maybe. We’ll see what I had lined up in the drafts (I have 400 posts in there…heh…). Hopefully I’ll stick around long enough to at least finish one city this time!

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