The Chronicles of Venice, Part II – Getting TO Venice

Haha I just opened this up while thinking, “I thought I just did a post of how I got to Venice…but I don’t set drafts without having pictures to go with it. What did I take pictures of, the window of our bus??”

It’s been too long.

Right. So we didn’t actually live in Venice. Because…well, because it’s mad expensive. So we lived a little outside of Venice and took a bus in every day (okay, just the two days we were actually there. But I suppose “every day” is still accurate, right?), and then took like an hour ferry ride from…oh gosh, this is where I need Allen’s help – what was it called, the port that we always got to? I used to remember all these names..

But we’d take a ferry from there to the heart of Venice (what was that called??) on one of these:

This reminded me of Hong Kong. Except Hong Kong had nicer boats, and a cool walkway to the boats, and…the architecture was a lot more futuristic. And I usually had a toy. We stood outside looking at everything the first time, of course, so this picture was taken probably on the second day.

The ferry was kind of like a subway on water. It didn’t just have destination A and destination B, there were lines going both ways, just like a subway line, and there were maybe twenty or thirty stops on the way. But unlike subways, ferries don’t really have the ability to stop in its tracks when someone pulls the lever, so on every “subway” ferry that was on the water, there was a young, muscular Italian guy with a thick rope standing among the tourists lassoing in the ferry when it got near dock.


Even DHL looks different in Venice, lol.

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