The Chronicles of Venice, Part III – Gelato & Allen (HI ALLEN)

So it’s Sunday night at 8:52 PM and I have a finance exam on Tuesday (and fuck, just realized that I have my accounting exam on Tuesday too instead of Thursday like I thought…sorry Daddy don’t be mad at meeee) but Allen’s over for Pocky and to give me a package (thanks Allen :D) and he says hi!

Because for the first time evarrr he’s actually here to help me with finishing at least some parts of these Chronicles.

Because honestly, I started the first post December 13th of last year (2011) and it’s almost December 13th (okay maybe I have a month left but it goes fast when you don’t notice it) of this year and I really want to finish before then and this is a really badly run on sentence so.


Allen: HII! :D

He’ll be typing in italics.

Actually, I’ll be typing for him in italics. Because it’d be awkward if we kept passing off the computer every few seconds. So.


My first time getting gelato!! It really was, because otherwise he wouldn’t have been so excited by it. It was just off the bank of Venice when we first got there, first thing we saw (not even close to the city, by the way, because we got nervous that we missed the city…or at least I did, because its entirely possible to miss an actual city…meh.) I don’t know, I don’t really care about missing the city, I just thought it was really cool that we were surrounded by water on all sides….LAUGHTER ALL DAY.


The gelato was actually surprisingly good for such a ghetto spot though. This was actually my first time talking to someone behind the counter in a different language, because I didn’t have to worry about it in London…but this was the first time we did this in Venice and I was just like well….do you speak English?? Lots of pointing lolol

But I think I caught on fast that most people speak (or know) English…pretty easy to communicate with them, anyway.

I kinda felt bad that they had to accommodate us instead of us accommodating them in their home, I guess.

But I’ve gone on long enough about this problem in other posts, so I’ll just carry on…


This picture make it seem like we’re so freaking classy, with the tonic and the water pitcher and stuff, but I think you should all know that we sat down at a table that already had trash on it…but it looked really pretty so I just went ahead and pretended that it was for us. In reality it was kiiiinda grimy.

Oh well.

Gelato was still delish.

When I was taking this picture, Allen was just standing by me going, “What on earth are you taking pictures of?”

I take pictures of weird things, Allen. It’s not even a big deal.

And now you’ll see all those things I was taking photos of that you didn’t understand :D


Random photos? Random photos.

Spent the last minute asking Allen if he liked the one with the lamp post or the one without the lamp post (we obviously picked the one without the lamp post..all he could tell me was that there was one with a lamp post and one without. So I made the decision without him.)

Well it’s your decision in the end!!

But I asshhkkked youuuuuuuuu

And he just caught a missing end paren riiight up there ^

So yayyyy :D

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