The Chronicles of Venice, Part IV – Being Included :( With Faces.

Before we get started, Allen just remembered that there was an earthquake!

So yeah, there was an earthquake, right before we landed.

Why do I never feel these earthquakes??!?! There’s been like two around here in the past two years and I haven’t felt any of them :( not that you know I really want to be in the middle of a giant natural disaster or anything but it’d be nice, really, …

Nice to feel included?


You want to be included in a natural disaster?!

NOOO I WANT TO FEEL…:( included. :(




Ok well.

My faces will include me.

See, faces!

SEE Faces. And these little green aliens (don’t remember what they’re called but they make fun noises) popped up in Venice too:

And this one looks like eyes (with a LOT of mascara) and a flower hat or something blowing a trumpet? I dunno.

The EYES though.

Eyes that could land any man. ;)

Allen is just sitting next to me scoffing now.

I’m awesome.

He’s awesome.

We’re awesome.

I’m a goofy goober yea, you’re a goofy goober yea, we’re ALL goofy goobers yeaaaa goofy goober goofy goober yeah!!

Ok bye.


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