The Chronicles of Venice, Part V – Seafood, Mysterious White Things, Sparklies.

Hiiiiiiii so you guys might realize but right from this start this post is in italics!!!

Justina just threw her laptop at me and was like “YOUR TURN!!!”

So I guess I have the honor of talking about “Food”.  Yes well I change the name after I’ve figured out what it is I’m going to be talking about! So now it won’t say food anymore, will it, because once I finish reading what you wrote down thur I’ll rename it to something else :D I WIN!

This restaurant was really random. We just saw it and the waiter (according to Justina) was really hot and they spoke English so why not! And in the spirit of being in Europe where the legal drinking age is magically 18, of course we needed to complement our dinner with some wine. 

He really was realllly super hot. I think the hottest boys were at Venice and Paris. Venice wins out majorly though.

Still not into wine.

So I don’t really remember what Justina ordered here…Pasta with mussels? Or clams? o.O

I got…seafood something or other..

As for what I ordered down here…that’s even more of a mystery to me (menu was in Italian…)

But at least I knew what I was eattingggg :DDD

Sir who didn’t know…any aspect of his dish…-_-

Well, there’s…………………sauce.

AND OF COURSE DESSERT!!!! nomnomnom ^_^

At least we can both agree this was good :)

And I liked the sparkly thing on top.

Of course.


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