The Chronicles of Venice, Part VI – Water

OK! After reviewing the photos that are going to be in this post, I can conclude that I have no idea what Justina was doing/taking photos of.

Moving on, I present you guys with…empty tables.

A guy in a boat with buildings in the back…Justina did you take this photo because you thought this guy was hot too???

OK seriously I’m sorry guys…I have no idea at all why she took this one so I’ll let Justina explain herself here…

Eco-friendly wood? o.O


Water with a really hot sun over it…

…of course here we have EVEN MORE WATER!!!

…Even more water…Welcome to Venice :)


But in all seriousness I just want to say that I love Venice. It is literally the most beautiful place in the world. (Justina has a wedding photo of a couple who was getting their wedding photos taken there and maybe she’ll be nice enough to share it with the world :)).

I suppose I would comment on every picture, but there’s not much to say, so I’ll just lump it all here. I don’t really know what I was taking pictures of either, but it was blue and pretty so I did, and no the guy wasn’t hot by any stretch of the imagination lolol but he was in a boat and boats are cool.

The seaweed looked like hair. I thought it was fuzzy and I like fuzzy things.

Also, the eco-friendly wood was ironic. Irony. Hee.

The seaweed apparently, to Allen looked like hair of mermaids. Or at least that’s what he thought I was going to say…but no, mermaids in my mind now look like this:


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