The Chronicles of Venice, Part X – Love & Gondolas.


I feel about the Eurotrip in two ways, at all times.

1. That it never happened at all. Who is this girl in these pictures, going to these exotic places with strange new things? I’ve never seen these before. These pictures, they aren’t mine. The words previously written – not mine. This blog – okay this blog is mine, but it’s filled with things I’ve never done, people I’ve never met, and most of all, places I’ve never even been to.


2. I feel like I just came back from it all yesterday.

It’s leaning a little towards #2 today.

Venice. Venice, Venice, Venice. I’ve written about you on like half a dozen separate occasions, because you just make it so hard for me to go on. What was it about you that made me never want to talk about it (or perhaps never want to leave?)


It amuses me to look at the editing I did back then now. Everything has such a tone to it, lol.  I’m sure Venice didn’t look this salmon in person. But I’ve already compromised the time-sensitive integrity of my thoughts, I’m not going to do the same with pictures. So this is what you (and I) are going to have to stick with.

Beautiful place, though, isn’t it? 


I would say it’s like out of a fairy tale, but that’s not completely true, is it? Fairy tales don’t quite look like this. But you know what it is straight out of – my Chinese book. I distinctly remember reading about the city-on-the-water way back when. Except I hadn’t been bitten by any kind of travel bug yet (except the kind perhaps that went back and forth between New Jersey and Shanghai, but that hardly counts), and I had no interest in seeing the city on water.

Oh but what a city it is!

I don’t even remember what I wrote about Venice any more. I have no more stories to tell, no more cute little anecdotes to share, because I’m stupid and I left it until more than a year after it happened, after all the memories had faded away and I remember really nothing except what it looked like and how it felt to be there.

I was going to say that Venice wasn’t quite “The City of Romance”, lol, but then just to double check I googled it real quick – guess what popped up.


Alright then, you win. Venice was super, super romantic-y. The birds were in love. The people were on honeymoons. The gondolas were never, ever empty.


And boy, were there a lot of gondolas. It reminded me of Venice in Las Vegas – lord knows I’ve been there enough to remember haha but it’s obviously nothing quite like it. Although I must say – Venice seemed just a little too commercial to me. Even as I was touring Europe in all of the most commercialized, touristy cities, Venice just seemed a little…gimmicky. Maybe it’s the kind of beast the city was – after all, it was settled on water.

Shrug. Maybe next time I go we’ll get to chill out on a gondola :)

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