The Chronicles of Venice, Part XVIII – Please Forgive the Stereotyping

I can’t pretend to have taken these pictures in order to make this post, but now, in hindsight…

These two men are very similar, aren’t they?


Both made me laugh – they looked so silly standing there. One was just zoning out, making faces at nothing, and the other was taking a picture of a gorgeous Venetian sunset…with an iPad. Though in the process of making fun of them, I must think – these two men would never really get along, would they? The Venetian man has a ribbon in his hat, and I’m willing to bet my degree that the gentleman below would rather drop his beloved iPad in the river than wear a ribbon in his hair. On the other hand, I doubt the Venetian man would ever be caught dead wearing such. Common clothing, looking like such a tourist.

Perhaps, though, without the giant cultural divide, these two could actually be friends. Because they look like they could be friends, don’t they?

That wasn’t meant to turn into some social commentary, whoops.

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