The Chronicles of Venice, Part XI – A Time Before Sense

I used to be terrified of dogs. I blame my mother (as I do for my few other, often long-gone terrors). As it turns out, there’s a lot of random wandering dogs in Venice, as there was in Athens. I’m not really sure why that is – is it a European thing? Are Americans just too lawsuit-happy to be comfortable with letting dogs off their leashes? I don’t know. But before I got over my fear of dogs recently, this happened.

It was probably the second day we were in Venice. Had finally gotten the map of the city down, understood how the boat-type “subways” worked, knew where the center of the city was. This day we were just walking around, trying to sightsee without getting lost in the maze of streets that’s Venice.

(Actually, Venice is a strange kind of city. Usually, at every hostel I ask for a (usually free) map, and it’s good enough to get me through the whole stay. In Venice, they gave a print out map of the city with little to no detail. I was flabbergasted at the awful quality of the thing, so I spent three euros and bought a much larger, much more detailed map. Turns out, there was a reason that people don’t need detailed maps in Venice – you simply can’t get lost. And there’s no need to know what street you’re on, because a lot of them straight up don’t have names. You just wanted the maze of stores and displays and small squares and canals and if you ever need to get somewhere, you just follow the water to the river and well, there you go. Strange place.)

^ All that. See it? That was all edited so long ago I don’t even remember writing it. Good heavens. ^

Anyhow, I do believe I was trying to tell the story of how this giant dog came up to me and started panting an inch away from my left ear while I was sitting around minding my own business.

I mean, in hindsight, he was a beautiful dog, and (obviously) harmless, but I was scared of dogs back then (didn’t have Tofu to get me used to them yet) and it freaked me out like you can’t even imagine.

Allen was laughing too hard to focus.

I hate you, Allen.



Even though the owner of the dog did feel bad and offer to take a picture of us lool

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