The Chronicles of Venice, Part XII – That Square

Honestly, I don’t know what it is about Venice that makes it so boring to write about. I can’t wait to get to Interlaken and Paris, but this is taking so long.

But we can do it!

See, this is the effect of procrastinating for more than a year before writing about your travel experiences: I don’t remember the specifics of anything.

But here’s a square, right? It’s pretty, right? Idk. I’m sorry.


I mean, I could look it up, but it’s just so. INauthentic. I did all my research before leaving to go on the trip, reading all the material I could at London and taking the material I couldn’t with me on my Kindle and in tour guides. And now, it just a faint memory of a pretty building.

The most…not depressing – enlightening thing I found while traveling was that I know absolutely nothing. I’m sure I’ve written about it before on here, but every time I return to share a little more of my travels, I just can’t help but mention it again – I know nothing. NO one knows anything. People I think are smart, people I look up to…they know nothing in a world of everything. Even if you’re an expert in some subject, even if that subject is vast (that doesn’t make any logical sense to begin with, anyhow), you’re incomparable to other people who know other things. It just doesn’t matter.

There’s not a dumb person in the world. Everyone knows something about something. And everyone knows more than you about some subject or another. You can always learn from anyone.


Sorry, off my soap box again. This is what late nights do to me. It’s nice knowing that no one actually reads this other than my Dad, haha, at least you won’d judge my ramblings. :)

And after that, well. Here’s a guy hanging off a lamp post. He knows more about hanging off lamp posts than I do. And definitely more about boat shoes.


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