The Chronicles of Venice, Part XXIV – Ponies

Hahahha I don’t even remember half the stuff that went down during my time in Europe, but every time I open a draft to edit it, it makes me a little happy. And this one made laugh out loud.

I do believe that this was the last day we were in Venice. We had already checked out of that sweet little bed and breakfast (every time I think about the breakfast, I hate that I didn’t just whip out my phone and take some pictures…Allen, do you have any?) and we had packed, all ready to jet off to Interlaken.

I remember I made us go super early, because I’m anal like that. We were something like two and a half hours early? But it made me feel better to know that we couldn’t miss our train….idk, travel by yourself in a strange continent for long enough and these things become more important than seeing that last site or getting that last bite to eat, even if it means possibly running on the train without eating and having to wait until the next stop for food.

But no matter, because I usually had foresight to pack snacks.

I miss traveling so much.

Anyway, so we were waiting around in the train station, sitting at the McDonalds. I think a couple hobos came by and talked to us, right, Allen? Haha I remember sitting there. It was nice.

But anyway, at some point it got unbearably hot and I got up to buy us some Magnum bars – and came back with an extra little surprise:

I had no idea what it was, what it said, what it was for, but it was by the cash register and it just. Looked so fun. I couldn’t pass it up.

And thank god I didn’t, because look what was inside!

I have way too many pictures of these two little guys than is healthy, lool but they’re so adorable :) And it definitely made the time pass by faster. Allen definitely thought he was hanging out with a four year old. I’m sorry :( :(

On the other hand, though, came the ritual that I detested at the end of every trip. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I used to rip out the pages of the places that I was visiting from my travel book, so I wouldn’t have to lug them around to every city I visited. And at the end of the trip, I’d take the little paper-clipped packages and throw them away. :(

How sad.

Spring cleaning of my itinerary folder. It was a little plastic grey folder that I bought for fifty pence at the Royal Holloway student center and I used it for months. Goodness I miss this life more than I thought I did.

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