The Chronicles of Venice, Part XVII – Ugh, It’s 3:27AM Here And This Is Making Me Hungry.

Pizza used to be a whole pie. This was Pizza Napoleon, I believe – came with capers. And it was delicious. Why do pizzerias here not put capers on theirs?

I hadn’t learned how to drink wine by then yet, what a shame…I was in Venice and Paris and I had not a full glass of wine. Next time, next time.

Aww, look there’s my old phone. Hi S2, I miss you :) Sort of. We got along well, didn’t we?

After lunch, Allen and I just wandered around for a bit. Until we found this adorable little candy shop and I refused to walk any further until we got some. Because I’m actually only four years old.

We didn’t bother buying any of the normal candies or cookies, but we tried some of the weird stuff! Like this Coke-flavored rope:

I don’t recall it tasting very good, actually. There was some kind of weird texture in the middle, I think it was supposed to be cream, but meh. Nbd though, new things, right? :)

And of course I had to get Allen a chocolate egg, because this kid had never had one before…until we cracked it open and saw this monstrosity:

Go see the Venice video I made to watch us open it in real time!

I mean at the end of the day, despite the epic disappointment that it wasn’t a “real” chocolate egg, there were still toys inside. And toys make everything better, don’t they? Also, side note – I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this here, but Fanta in Europe is so much better than Fanta in the States. Why is there a difference, Fanta?? Why??

Still chocolate, still toys.

Guess it wasn’t a total bust after all. :(

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