The Chronicles of Venice, Part XIII – Nighttime in Venice

This is one of those posts that’s just really going to be a bit of a picdump. Pictures (some, at least. Not all; never all) that I like, but not really that many stories to go with them. Venice is a singular kind of town, which I’ve said again and again on this blog already. There’s just nothing quite like it (and there I go, sounding cliche. But cliche’s are cliche’s because they’re true, right?)

Everything’s next to water. Literally. And I hate that word.

If it’s not the big Grand Canal, then it’s one of the infinite number of small streams that separate from it. You just simply cannot get away from the water. And so everyone has a boat.

They have small boats, certainly, and larger, fancier gondolas.

And then they have these. Big. Boats.

Looking back on my editing, it’s just…off. Maybe the bottom of the boat is too dark? Maybe the whole thing is too dark? I don’t know what’s wrong with it quite yet, but I know it looks off. I guess that’s improvement, right?

I remember standing here, taking so many pictures of these guys, lol. I just wanted ONE clear one! Allen was so concerned (hi Allen) that they were going to think I was super creepy…but come on, I’m a 20 year old Asian girl (19 at the time? Wait no I’m 21 now…damn I’m old. I was 20, then), I don’t creep ANYONE out.

Makes playing with babies a lot less difficult.


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