I mean I guess I shouldn’t always post such unmeaningful things on here, especially since it seems that I’ve dated my previously drafted ones; it just makes the front page look super messy. Maybe at some point I’ll go through and fix that. But for now:

Just finished my exam. Just finished a presentation last night. I have to go back to class in a little bit, but I have a break now, and it’s nice. Don’t have anything to worry about…until next Wednesday. Final time, yay.

Anyway, until then. Thought I’d jump back on here, even for a little while.


Oh, and random: I was thinking about stuff today (more like zoning out, but…same thing) and I suddenly remembered this one night where I was coming home from some place or other, and it was blizzarding hard in London. I remember I had to wait outside for the bus for like half an hour, and then the bus I was on broke down, and we had to wait outside for some other bus to pick us up again, all in the pitch dark with no one I knew, and just my little suitcase. Was this coming back from Bath? Possibly. I just remember stepping off the bus and it just seemed like it was so, so far to Wedderburn, and I didn’t want to make the walk. I just wanted to sleep. And I distinctly recall the book I was reading: the Hunger Games (of course that I remember lol, but not where I was coming home from) and I just remember walking and dragging my suitcase through all the ice and snow and sludge and it seemed like everything sucked. I was carsick from the bus (reading in dim light from my Kindle, of course…my fault. Whoops), I was cold, my bag felt heavy, and everything was so far.

It’s be a while since that moment, haha. It almost seems like it never even happened to me.

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