The Chronicles of Venice, Part XV – Infinite Venetian Specialties

Before I went to Venice, I thought it was known for, you know. Romance, water. Not much else.

Who woulda known that once we got there, Venice was known for everything:



Well uh. This. The lady selling these had a big whole cultural (ish) story about it, but all I remember is that it looked….like this. And that after we talked to her we drank some small amount of unidentifiable alcohol from a guy standing on the street holding a platter of tiny cups.

Probably not the best idea, in hindsight, but. Venice.

Wax seals. This guy handmade them, and they were beautiful. And custom tailored to your liking!

These are glass. I know  I mentioned glass already but when you’re making ants out of glass it deserves a bit of a second mention.

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