Instagram came out on Android last week.

I got the news on notification and hustled right on over to Google Play to download it – but it wasn’t available yet. I guess the press release  came out before the actual app hit? I dunno. Whatever the case, I went on with my day and promptly forgot about it.

Until a couple days ago when SourceFed covered the whole Instagram-Was-Bought-For-A-Billion-Bucks-By-Facebook story, that is.

And now…I’m wasting away all my five cell phone batteries on this thing.

I’m currently in Penzance at the moment with the family (the entire family, thanks very much) and this is what I see when I look out my window.

I don’t deserve to say “FML” for a really long time.

This was my room back in Castle Combe, where we were just a couple days ago. I got my own room in the attic…so cute.

I think we’re going backwards here, but we got this delicious duck sandwich at Borough Market in London…wow, was it already a week ago?

Yep, my family might be a combined age of 400+ years, but we move.

Song choice of the day…still can’t get the correlation out of my mind though. When does this stuff go away, geez.

Sorry, we’re a bit out of chronological order here…this is my room currently. :) For the next two nights, and then I get another different room. Oh the benefits of living at a B&B with a capacity of 10.

My family recently found out the gloriousness that is freshly fried fish and chips…

I’m going to come back to the states drinking tea like a proper British study-abroad cliche.

It rained today. :)

And my grandparents are awesome.

That is all. :D

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